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About the Department / Keeping in Touch with Alumni

In addition to mentoring students who are still pursuing their studies, the department also lends it services to it recent graduates, keeping in touch with them, understanding their situation after graduation, be it in their current employment, their living situation and also providing relevant employment information to those who need it. In May 2008, the department set up an alumni society with the aim of encouraging solidarity between all it’s graduates.

The departments graduates have all proved to be very competent in their field regardless of whether they enter the media industry (media, television, newspapers, magazines, public relations companies, advertising agencies, online media etc.), corporate companies, or continue with their education by pursuing graduate degrees. One of our outstanding graduates reported for TTV on the severe tropical storm that hit Taiwan in 2003. Furthermore an annual online auction, “Tokyo Fashion” including weekly products from 90 students has proved very successful racking in over 4 hundred million New Taiwan Dollars. Most of our master’s program graduates have entered the media industry, again performing very well, while others have been accepted into prestigious universities such as National Chengchi University Department of Journalism PhD. program, National Cheng Kung University Graduate Institute of Political Economy Ph.D program, Shih Hsin University Graduate Institute of Communications    Ph.D program. The number of graduates who have found successful employment and those that have successfully enrolled for further education proves that the department’s efforts to train cross-media personnel are being successful.

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