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Course Description / Specialized classroom


Situated in XueHaiBuilding, the studio was mainly designed for broadcasting news. With a total area of about 258 square meters, the studio is equipped with a three main forms of equipment: the SONY DV Cam Professional Digital Camera, three studio lights and a scene switcher.

In January 2007, the studio was fitted with virtual studio equipment, increasing the variety of work that can be carried out in the studio. The studio mainly provides students training in electronic media theory and production, planning and programming of television programs, guided learning and other related courses. It also provides students with hands-on experience in the processes that occur in the production of studio programs.


副控室 Secondary Control Room

Equipped with the SONY BVS-3200C switcher, the secondary control room can control up to 9 live tracks as well as other incoming external images. The SONY CCU-M7 camera control unit allows the secondary control room to be able to remotely control the color temperature of all the cameras as well as direst all the tools on site. GlobeCaster software is used to produce digital visual effects and to add subtitles and it is also generally used on Videoland, FTV, and other TV stations. SONY MXP-290 Professional Audio Mixer can manage up to 8 scene recordings as well as external sound files. The lighting controller allows for both analog and digital control of up to 48 track studio lights, creating different theatrical effects.



剪接室The Cutting Room

Completed in May 1999, there are two cutting rooms situated in XueHaiBuilding rooms 515 and 517-1 respectively. The 515 cutting room has two sets of the APPLE Final Cut software and three sets of the Sony Vegas non-linear editing systems. The 517-1 cutting room had two sets of the SONY DV cam linear editing software. The main purpose for the 517-1 classroom is to provide students with hands on training with TV related exercises and postproduction editing and special effects management.


廣播錄音室Broadcasting Recording Studio

The department has four single-control broadcasting recording classrooms, two single control and two dual control double broadcasting studios. Each single control broadcasting studio is outfitted with two laser CD players, a dual deck analog recorder, a DAT recording deck, two to three MD decks, an eight track audio mixer, amplifiers, speakers and other professional recording equipment. In 2006, each single control studio was outfitted with computer recording equipment.

As well as having the above mentioned equipment the dual control broadcasting studios also have a 24 track mixer and a professional eight track recording deck.

Currently the broadcasting classroom mainly provides for the training of students in electronic media production and theory, planning and production of radio programs, problems with contemporary radio and television, senior graduation production, teaching specialized professional courses as well as providing support of other department in the university such as recording audio material for visually impaired students for the Department of Applied Sociology.

From 6th January 2001 – 31st March 2007, the university had an education cooperation agreement with the YunJia Broadcasting Company which, for six years, aired a weekly one hour program. The department has also broadcast a regular weekly one hour radio program “Communication: The E Generation” on Chiayi Radio since 3rd March 2007. From January 2004 to date groups of the department’s students have successively and successfully broadcast a weekly one hour program on Educational Radio.



編輯教室Editing Classroom

Situated in XueHai Building room 52 0, the editing classroom has with four computers dedicated solely to editing purposes, two computers devoted to writing and two printers. This classroom also serves as a classroom and practice area for the department’s juniors who are responsible for publishing department newspaper the Yun Bao. The students write, edit and final proof the final copy of the paper. The classroom also acts as a space for training students in news editing, planning, magazine editing, and the publication of the senior project, “Nanhua News”, the school news paper.




The department’s dark room offers students a chance to practice developing traditional film and photographs as well as other basic photography skills. The darkrooms equipment includes: multiple dichroic color enlargers. enlarger timers, related photographic developers.

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